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Checkers McDog

Ambassador's Report, February 11, 2005

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Report from Canadauser posted image

February 11, 2005

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Population: 284

Delegate: Checkers McDog (81 endorsements)

Regional Happenings:

  • Canadian Cabinet is considering participating in the The Exodus Peace Festival
  • The vote to open up diplomatic relations with the region of Trav Khar has been passed
  • Freezing Cold Water resigned as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, citing that he did not have time to fill the position
  • A new posting record was made on February 5, 2005, when Canadians managed to post 725 times that day
  • Two former Cabinet ministers returned to the game this week: Bweezy, our former Delegate, and Boardz, our former Minister of Defense
  • The next Cabinet elections will take place from February 24th to 27th, the campaign will begin by February 14th
United Nations:OOC Happenings:
  • Beaver-Country-Canada had some relationship troubles…many were there to offer advice. She also bought a dress for her Grad Banquet.
  • Checkers McDog started her new job as a sales associate, and later mingled with CEO’s of major Canadian retailers at an awards ceremony. A few days later, she walked into a wall.
  • Mr.B embarked on his two week vacation to Cuba
  • Parrrrtay got a headache from a sinus infection. A few days later she expressed her love of her job.
  • Defectiveness saw Team America: World Police. He also got into an argument at school about Hitler and Stalin.
  • Redundancies went to a training class, then executive meeting, then out to a family-style Italian restaurant
  • Bweezy has been reading extracts of the Income Tax Act, and the Excise Tax Act
  • kana da became the first poster on Canada’s forums to reach 7000 posts
  • Mavenu’s trip to Asia has been delayed by 6 weeks

  • Win a date with Lizzie!: Parrrrtay hosts the game show where you can win a date with the lovely Elizabiethian
  • Embarrassing Revelations: Canadians reveal their embarrassing moments/quirks/whatever-else

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