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Todd McCloud

The East Pacific Newspaper

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The East Pacific Newspaper

Volume One, Issue One

From the Desk of The Delegate

by Todd McCloud

Salutations and good day, fellow region-goers!

Well, it has been approximately one month since our government had settled down and adjusted to the dramatic changes in our region. For one, we have a completely different Magisterium, which is the equivalent of our Senate. It has handled resolutions well and steadily, despite having a busy and often debate-filled tenure thus far. Elections for another term is only two months away, so it's a good time to get started and staking your claim in an official feeder position! Our Conclave, or judges, have held their own and stood by in case they are needed to add things to our Concordat, the body of laws governing our fair region.

As for the executive branch, well, that would be me and our Viziers holding down that branch. After an uncanny acceptance ceremony, I've kept the region safe, making sure we're secure from invasions. I've also created a number of topics for the region to debate on the RMB via the WFE, keeping spam off the board and nations active. Overall, it's a hard job, especially for someone who has never served as a feeder delegate before. But it has been a job well done keeping the place active and exciting. After all, we are the most energetic region in the game, and have grown the most in the past month as far as regions are concerned, with a gain of 200-250 nations depending on before or after update. Our recent extension outward to other regions via creating embassies has really helped get us noticed as well! And don't forget, I currently am the most endorsed nation in the game, which really helps us with our busy World Assembly voting subforum!

The Roleplaying Area is active as ever, and very exciting. We're having crazy dramatic college life RPs, have been on the brink of war and back, have nail-biting diplomatic tensions, and of course, are currently holding a fancy ball. It's quite active, and a good deterrent to work. I can hear it now... "Honey! You need to drive the kids to school!" "Not now, dang it! Vekaiyu is threatening to fire off missiles and my Shiro character is having relations with a robot!" Well, it might not be that extreme, but you get my point.

Most important, we're all working hard and working together. I am grateful for the region and its ability to come together and make the place a fun, exciting, and safe NS community once again. It's truly a testament to the great minds of the collective NationStates world, specifically, the minds of The East Pacific! We've come such a long way, and can only look up!

Yours in nation play,

Todd McCloud

((by the way, quiz at the end of the newspaper! Be sure to read up on that for fabulous non-cash prizes!))

From Phedre to Now -- An Historical Fable

by A Slanted Black Stripe

The nation of A Slanted Black Stripe (ASBS) consists of a pair of islands on the far eastern edge of The East Pacific. One of those islands is a tourist paradise – white sand beaches, tropical breezes, turquoise waters, and the best Mai Tais in the region.

On the eastern side of the island, among the many tourist beaches, is one small beach visited only by the natives. No one swims on this beach – deadly riptides. A small bungalow with a hammock strung across the porch sits on the edge of the sand. There’s an old teak chair out on the beach, facing east, across the ocean. The natives call it, “Delegate’s Beach.”


The natives of ASBS are thin, tan, and rarely live beyond the age of 50.The genetic dice are loaded against them. But the man who lives alone on Delegate’s Beach is old, with long gray hair, and wrinkled, sun-damaged skin. A few of the natives know his real name is Francisco, but they all call him, “Mr. Delegate.” This is his story …

As a young man, Francisco studied history and geography. While his friends and classmates flattered the tourists, Francisco asked about the interactions of the other nations in The East Pacific. He drew maps and plotted trade routes. He learned the political alliances and saw the fear in the eyes of many tourists when they spoke of a dark force growing in the west.

He heard tales of great battles fought by the nations of 1 Infinite Loop and Gnidrah. And how Gnidrah had fallen from glory…

One day, a flotilla of ships, filled with dark-robed soldiers, flying a flag with three interlocking crescents (not dissimilar from the biohazard symbol familiar to all ASBS natives), and powered by solid black sails, appeared in the harbor. The soldiers disembarked and herded the tourists and natives into the town square.


A scarlet robed figure read from a scroll, “I hereby announce the rise of The Empire and the cleansing of The East Pacific. We have freed The East Pacific from her chains of inequity. The East Pacific has been purified; it is now the seat of power for The Empress and the Empire. Under the command of the Empress, the Lady Phedre, our Legions shall stalk victoriously into the world and remove the filth that covers it - The Empire shall bring order to all! The Empress Phedre is forgiving; she understands you have stood in sin unknowing until this point. Any may come and swear to her banner, she will welcome you. You may sink to your knees and beg the Empress for mercy.”

When no one sank to their knees, the soldiers beat the natives and tourists with clubs. Then they set the buildings on fire and sank all the ships in the harbor. Having completed their destruction, they sailed away.

Francisco missed the Empire’s display of force. He had taken a group of tourists out to a snorkel spot aboard his small catamaran, The Stripe. When he returned, the local officials confiscated his boat and used it to warn neighboring islands of Lady Phedre’s flotilla. Francisco jumped into the rebuilding effort. It took many years, but the island was finally restored to its pre-invasion style.


Indeed, the island was stronger now. The lessons learned from the invasion had resulted in an unprecedented defense program. What appeared to be a harmless tourist island was now one of the heaviest armed fortresses in the region.

Francisco had outlived his friends. They had either succumbed to injuries sustained during the Empire attack, or died from one of the many genetic defects present in the islanders.

For years, ASBS had devoted most of the island’s resources to solving these genetic challenges. Francisco was longer lived than most and the geneticists had harvested and studied his DNA. He was resistant to all of the diseases, but he was sterile. The commercial guild, responsible for generating revenue from visitors, did not want him working with the tourists. ASBS had a reputation for being young, tan, and athletic. An older gentleman did not fit with the marketing message.

His catamaran, The Stripe, was still seaworthy. He asked and received permission to go and collect information on the power of the Empire.

Francisco’s first stop was the nation of Stagnationstan. The people were openly hostile to Lady Phedre and the Empire. Francisco asked them to lead a new coalition against the Empire, but they refused. He asked if they would fly the flag of ASBS, alongside their own, as a show of solidarity against the Empire. They agreed and sent Francisco to other nations hostile to Lady Phedre.

Francisco visited Aldemeiris, Atlantis Capitol, and Kelssek. All refused to fly Phedre’s flag, agreed to fly the ASBS flag, but would not lead a new coalition.

Francisco was undeterred. He would find a new leader for the region.

One night, as he was sailing between nations, the horizon erupted in flames. All night long, the sky was lit with orange explosions. When dawn broke, the sky was dull and filled with smoke. Francisco arrived at a port, filled with the wrecks of great ships. A lone, grey-cloaked figure stood on the dock.


Francisco asked, “What happened? It looked like 50 nations were being destroyed last night.”

The figure responded, “More like 200 nations.”

“Was it Phedre?”

“Yes. Now what are you going to do about it?” The grey-cloaked man pointed out to sea. “It looks like you might have some help. You may not have to do this alone.” With that, he waved his arms and disappeared in a cobalt-colored cloud.

Francisco looked out to sea and another small catamaran sailed into the port. It flew the flag of Dannistaan. The pilot hailed Francisco and said, “I’ve been following you. We may be more effective if we work together. “

So, they agreed on a plan. They would sail to all the nations of The East Pacific and ask them to fly both the ASBS flag and the Dannistaan flag. They would ask the nations to renounce any allegiance to Lady Phedre and the Empire.

One night, as Francisco was sailing between nations, through a dense fog, another ship pulled along The Stripe and hailed him. “We want to help you, but first we must test you.”


Francisco peered through the fog and saw two individuals, the grey-cloaked man and a lady of the Empire. “Who are you?”

“I am Lady Edea and I can no longer support the Empire. And this is Kandarin. I believe you have already met him.”

For the next four hours, they tested Francisco on his knowledge of The East Pacific, the Empire, and the alliances that existed between nations. They gave him suggestions and advice for convincing the nations of the region to abandon their support of the Empire. At the end of the test, Francisco knew he still had a long journey ahead.

Months later, Francisco had visited over 300 nations. Almost 100 were now flying the ASBS flag without the Phedre flag. Phedre still had over 100 nations supporting the Empire. And many nations refused to support ASBS, Dannistaan, or Lady Phedre.

Once again, in the middle of the night, the sky erupted in orange flames. This time, it was all around Francisco. Some of the nations he had just visited were burning. He sailed for the nearest shore.

Kandarin stood on the dock. “The Empire has self-destructed. And they’ve destroyed a lot of nations at the same time.” He slowly shook his head. “You need to go to the Capital District and take control.”

“Me? I’ve done all that I came to do.” Francisco waved away Kandarin’s comments.

“If you leave now, it will end in chaos. Is that what you want?” Kandarin grabbed Francisco by the shoulders and shook him. “Go to the Capital. Ask for Loop. He’ll help you. And others will come.”

Francisco went to the Capitol and others did come to help. Francisco called for a new constitution and elections. Free Pacific States, Bolshikstan, Warre, and a young upstart named Todd McCloud were among those who arrived. Loop was there. And Kandarin regularly materialized in clouds of multicolored smoke.

After months of haggling, a new Concordat for The East Pacific was approved. Todd McCloud was elected the new delegate of the region.

Todd and Francisco stood on the balcony of the Delegate’s tower and looked east across the huge inner sea of The East Pacific. Francisco said, “It’s time for me to go back.”


“But you told me your family is all dead.”

Francisco looked down at the beach. “I know, but it’s my home.” Then he smiled. “Besides, you need someone to watch the eastern border.”

Todd held out his hand. “I do. Thanks.”

Francisco shook Todd’s hand. “I’ll be watching you, too, Todd. I won’t let this happen again.”

Roleplaying News

by Warr

It's well known through much of the regions of Nationstates that TEP is a very Rper friendly region, and many doubt this, but it's clear to anyone who might watch the RP section that though it might be a bit confusing, it isn't. It's friendly, and it's also very vibrant. At this current moment, there are roughly four threads being actively posted in, with at least two threads being posted in multiple times daily.

These threads, though similar in some ways, are distinct, and there are tons of possibilities for Roleplays!

Raven's Nest- In this role play, there's a movement of troops and political stances, as Dannistaan begins to revoke it's troops from Trysis, and Drakkengard begins to move peacekeeping troops in to replaced Dannistaan's troops. Also featured are the testing of an experimental new AC (That's a type of Mecha Dannistaan and Drakkengard use), by both countries.

The Reaper's Toll- A thread that's only just begun, which chronicles the situation in Xiopothos, as it's blockaded by Kandarinese Naval forces. From what's been said, and seen, this thread is a horror/adventure thread, and there are several scary things running about.

Some which might even make a certain elder squid beast shiver.

City of Fallen Angel's- A roleplay chronicling the story of For'af, East Dannistaan, and the riots within it. Open to anyone who wishes to partake, from what Dannistaan's said.

Kelssekian Alliance-int'l cultural organization- A roleplay/description of an organization that's there to spread Kelssek culture to any nation which wishes to partake within it.

An Event of Historic Uninmportance- A roleplay which's name is diminutive of itself, the RP's purpose is to tell the story of the newest president of the Free Pacific States' inauguration.

Finally, perhaps one of the most popular Rps as of current;

Riots in Listonia- A role play which has as so far allowed any player in TEP who wishes to participate may participate. This Roleplay's name is a simple moniker which deals with the subject matter, Riots in the territories which make up the old Vulpine region of Listonia, neighboring Vekaiyu. Genocide, missle explosions, and occupations have all taken place in this RP, so far. As of current, occupation/zombie hunting is going on by some in a nation north of Vekaiyu, while an international peace summit goes on in Neorivins, Kelssek.

Want an Embassy in TEP?

With the coming (and going) of the empire, and the emergence of a stable and successful government, The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to this forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.

Good luck!

The Quiz

You've made it this far! Amazing! As promised, we have a small quiz for you, open to regions which have established an embassy on our forums *and* have a The East Pacific embassy on their forums! The prize for answering the questions correctly? The first two nations to correctly post the right answers here will have their choice of either their name or the name of their region featured on the World Factbook Entry (userite regions only, in this case) for twenty=four hours!

Here's the questions. HINT: to find the answers, click links in my delegate letter.

Quiz One

  • What did I have to swear on in my inauguration for the delegate seat? (Hint: two words, and think absorbency!)
  • What vizier was elected to the post, but declined the position?
  • What 'region' in roleplay is currently being fought over in TEP by nations like Vekaiyu and Drakkengard?
  • Who are the three members of TEP's Conclave?

Good Luck!

© 2009 The East Pacific News Services

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Wow - awesome update, Todd, thanks! ^_^

"Honey! You need to drive the kids to school!" "Not now, dang it! Vekaiyu is threatening to fire off missiles and my Shiro character is having relations with a robot!" Well, it might not be that extreme, but you get my point.

Not that extreme? Really? :P

And ah, that Kandarin, appearing and disappearing in clouds of smoke... you have to watch him. ;)

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