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Todd McCloud

The East Pacific Newspaper, 3rd Edition

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The East Pacific Newspaper

Volume One, Issue Three

From the Desk of The Delegate

by Todd McCloud


Greetings, fellow NSers. And now this!

Simply put, The East Pacific is all about democracy, all about moving and keeping things exciting. We've just finished our third Magisterium elections, of which we've received a whole different batch of governmental people, doing governmental things, I'd suppose, though I'd imagine less of the common ones, like lying and the likes. After all, the definition of a politician is as follows: promises the people anything, gives them nothing, then takes everything. Well, I guess that makes them uncharacteristic politicians, which is a good thing.

But politics isn't necessarily our forte. Our forte happens to be roleplaying. You may or may not have known that. We've actually been cleaning up our roleplay section to make it easier for newer folks to get involved, work with the region, unleash their zombie armies, etc. Well, maybe not the last bit, but we're a pretty free and flexible bunch. So bring us your tired, your overworked and under appreciated, etc etc and get started right here.

FANTABULOUS_by_DopeWoozl2.png (The delegate after a moment of 'great success')

And, on a personal note, I've just reached my 200th consecutive day in office! I guess that counts for something, perhaps. Thankfully, the region has been quite healthy over those two hundred days! Here's to more successes!

That is pretty much it. Until the next issue!

- Todd McCloud

The Minute in Roleplay

By Lazlow

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Our theater is proud to present the following new motion pictures:

The Second Listonian Crisis, a stunning sequel of the first one, which ended in the creation of Listonia, a new state with a majority population of antropomorphic foxes. Now the tyrannic ruler of Listonia, Stapen Evesuni, has aquired nuclear weapons from his close ally, Vekiayu, to further his own political ambitions. Meanwhile spies from Lazlowia try to somehow stop this whole thing. Exploding from the headlines of today to the silver screen, a tale of adventure, intrigue and action!

In Metrocolor and Panavision. Released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The International Sealab, a combined project of the nations of the East Pacific has finally opened and already an international group of researchers have started to work there. Explores the vast depths of the sea, where no man has set foot before.

In Technicolor and CinemaScope. Released by 20th Century-Fox Pictures.

Elections in Shivat. A country in political crisis. The events in Listonia have caused the goverment to mobilize the army, but this resulted in the collapse of the goverment. New elections have to be held, and the both sides have to face domestic and foreign problems.

In Eastmancolor and Techniscope. Released by Warner Bros.-Seven Arts Pictures.

Shiro Academy, also know as The Todd McCloud-Der Fuhrer Dyszel-Kandarin Show, the long running college drama has yet reached another season.

In Colour. Released by Universal.

Again in the cinemas by popular demand,The Omega Protocol and City of the Fallen Angels!

Currently in development hell, please be kind with them:

The foolish adventures of Jaap and Prongs, a story of two men in the country of Tingst.

Released by Herts-Lion International.

In Search of Dannistaan's Soul, a striking documentary about Dannistaan's past, present and future.

Pacificvision Song Contest 2009. No information... yet.

Magisterium Election Results!

by Dyr Nasad

The East Pacific just finished the elections for it's third Magisterium. There was some discussion about campaigning for the post, but everything was sorted out. Here are the results:

12-1 Antracia

10-6 Bolshikstan

16-0 Dyr Nasad

12-2 Inquirius

11-4 Kelssek

6-9 Lowbrook

15-0 Tingst

14-2 The Vacationer

From the Halls of the Magisterium

By Dyr Nasad, Provost

Second Quarter Magisterium

Treaty with Lazarus

Killer Kitty proposed this treaty to TEP several months ago. Dyr Nasad and Todd McCloud of TEP and DYP and VGS of Lazarus revised the treaty to fit the current needs of the regions. With 5 votes FOR and 2 votes AGAINST this treaty passed the Magisterium.

Restrictions on RMB Advertising

The Delegate decided that being banned from the region should be a punishment for spamming the RMB. Dyr Nasad created a rough draft of the restrictions which the Magisterium debated. With 5 votes FOR and 1 vote AGAINST the Magisterium passed these restrictions.

Third Quarter Magisterium

Provost Election

Dyr Nasad was the only candidate, and he was approved with 6 votes FOR.

Want an Embassy in TEP?

The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to this forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.

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