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Isaris Invades Gutaliden

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Players may post once per day, including myself. This will count as my post for September 16, 2009.


Following the collapse of the Imperial Federation of Gutaliden, several militant groups arose to gain dominance over the fallen nation. By August 2009, the Clovis organization had gained supremacy, claiming itself to be the successor to the Imperial Federation. No nation within Equilism has recognized this new power, and many of the people of (former) Gutaliden refuse to acknowledge this new government.

A car bombing attack in the capital city of Arnon killed hundreds, shaking the Confederacy of Isaris. The attack was linked to Clovis, and Isaris has declared war on the terrorist group, resulting in the invasion of Gutaliden.

Isaris's soldiers are well-trained thanks to its infamously brutal training camps, and 5,000 have been dispatched by aircraft to settlements near the Isaris-Gutaliden border.


September 15, 2009: The militant organization known as Clovis—which has become the de facto government of Gutaliden after the collapse of the Imperial Federation in February—violently attacked the Isarin capital of Arnon; hundreds were killed. In response, war was declared by Chancellor Oenone Barrett, a declaration that was quickly approved by Parliament.

September 16, 2009: Isaris dispatched 5,000 soldiers by aircraft into five major towns near the Isaris-Gutaliden border, believed to be home to Clovis officials. Gun battles occurred in all towns, ending with 300 casualties for Isaris, and the capture of several Clovis officials; Clovis casualties remain unknown. Isarin troops remain in these settlements to use them as bases to further secure Gutaliden against Clovis.

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The Government of The Monkye was swift to condemn the attacks on Isaris, which killed 2 Monkeytian citizens, and injured several more. It also was cautious to make a statement on the reaction of the Confederation of Isaris. It is well known that the principles of The Monkye's government do not support unilateral millitary interventions except in the strongest circumstances, though The Monkye has offered Isaris support at the WA Security Council, which it currently has a seat at, if it wishes to lead a WA intervention in Gutaliden to stabilise the failed state.

The Monkye has also offered aid to Isaris to help it rebuild from these attacks, treat the injured and anything else deemed necessary by agreement of the governments.

The Monkye has also moved to shut down Clovis's links in their country, declaring it an illegal organisation and freezing known bank accounts with links to the organisation.

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Following The Monkye's offer of aid, Chancellor Barrett appointed Parliament member Aodola Cambridge as Ambassador to The Monkye. Ambassador Cambridge has offered Isaris's aid in assisting the Monkeytians caught up in the attack against Arnon, but has also asked that, if The Monkye will not support the war effort militarily, if it will support Isaris and the people of Gutaliden not associated with Clovis by sending supplies to the five settlements secured in today's early hours.

Isaris News Network (INN) has confirmed to the public that one of the Clovis officials captured is Philip VerLee, leader of the Isaris-Gutaliden border region for Clovis. The Isaris Intelligence Agency (IIA) has yet to determine the location of Robert Turner, the supreme leader of the Clovis organization. Ambassador Cambridge has further requested aid from The Monkye, asking that its intelligence agents assist in the search for Robert Turner.

"His arrest is vital to the freedom of Gutaliden from this militant organization," stated Ambassador Cambridge. "The IIA is working tirelessly to find him, but we need all of the help we can get. I have no doubt that all of Isaris will be grateful for aid from The Monkye, even if that aid does not include military support."

This afternoon, Chancellor Barrett issued this statement:

"Clovis is a criminal organization, and it will be treated like one. If a Clovis member attacks an Isarin soldier, that soldier and their comrades have the right to defend themselves. If a Clovis member surrenders, they will be arrested, detained, and await trial just like any other criminal. Our immigration policies will not change, and the former citizens of Gutaliden are still welcome to come to Isaris. Gutalides are not our enemy, only Clovis. Clovis has killed hundreds of Isarins, and two Monkeytians, along with an unknown number of innocent Gutalides during their rise to power in the fallen nation.

Hundreds of thousands of Gutalides have immigrated to Isaris since the Imperial Federation's fall, and I have this to say to them: you are a vital part of Isaris, you are just as much Isarins as those who are born here, and now I ask for your help. If you know anything that could aid in the fight against Clovis, please come forward to your local police department; they will protect you if you feel that is necessary.

Clovis will not change Isaris, she will stand proud against those who will try to make her afraid. She will stand courageously because she flies with her own wings. Alis volat propriis!"

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Headquarters of the Military of Isaris; September 18, 2009 5:34 PM

A young captain rushed into the office of General Adam Vanlandingham, a look of distress overwhelming his face. He quickly handed the general a sealed envelope with the word "URGENT" stamped on its front. "What is this, Captain?" General Vanlandingham asked.

"An urgent message from Commander Annie, sir," the captain responded with his hands behind his back, standing at attention in respect of the general.

Vanlandingham opened the envelope, and read over the report inside with dismay. Onne, a settlement in Gutaliden that had been secured two days before, had been bombed by Clovis aircraft. Several buildings were destroyed, 400 soldiers had been confirmed dead, along with 800 civilians. Hundreds of others were injured, mostly civilians, and uninjured Isarin soldiers were still sifting through the rubble for survivors. Commander Annie requested reinforcements.

"You are dismissed, Captain," General Vanlandingham stated. Once the young captain had left his office, he picked up the phone, dialing the Chancellor.

The Call

Chancellor Barrett: Hello?

General Vanlandingham: Chancellor Barrett, this is General Vanlandingham. I have a terrible status report from Commander Annie in Onne. Onne was bombed. 400 soldiers and 800 civilians were killed. Hundreds of others were injured. She requests reinforcements. I advise that you grant her this, Onne is now left with 540 soldiers.

Chancellor Barrett: I understand, General. Follow these orders. Dispatch 2,000 soldiers to each of the settlements secured, and ship anti-aircraft weaponry to them as well. Also alert the Navy that I want the Gutaliden coast to be patrolled.

General Vanlandingham: Yes, Chancellor.

Call ended.

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Isaris News Network interviewed a Gutalide woman in Onne today, following the terrible bombing on Friday. The woman, who's name and face are not revealed on television, had this to say to reporters:

Woman: "I am glad that the Isarin soldiers are here. I do not see them as invaders, I see them as liberators. Clovis claims it is the government now, as if we would all forget what it had done to us while fighting all of the other groups that were trying to take over Gutaliden. Villages were burned, girls and women were raped, and if boys and men didn't surrender and become their soldiers, they were killed."

INN Reporter Jasmine Caldwell: "If Isaris defeats Clovis, who do you think will run the country?"

Woman: "I believe that Isaris will rebuild Gutaliden, and maybe our two nations will become one. Or Isaris will help us to govern ourselves. Both are good options, in my opinion. The soldiers from Isaris are very kind. They are working day and night to rebuild after the bombing, and care for the injured, and bury the dead. They are good people."

The woman would then lead our reporter through the rubble, showing us what remained of her home, and leading us to an Isarin soldier, whom we spoke with.

Jasmine Caldwell: "Hello, ma'am, I'm Jasmine Caldwell with INN. What can you tell us about the bombing and the rebuilding effort?"

Female Soldier: "Well, Miss Caldwell, I'm Private Ariel Terra. I can tell you that when the bombing occurred, it was a terrible shock. There were several aircraft in the night sky, but they've been scared away now that we have reinforcements, and the flak cannons up. Not a lot of buildings have been put back up yet, but we've got enough stable ones to treat everyone that's hurt."

That's the story from INN, keeping you up-to-date on this critical issue.

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Equilism Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Embassy Island, Equilism

"Sir, we've just confirmed it!", rushed Sam Lonergan breathlessly as he waved a piece of paper in his bosses face. That boss being the head of the Anti-Terrorism department of the EIA.

"Confirmed what exactly, Tom?"

"We've been tracing back the sources of Clovis's weapons sir, and the path leads up the mountains, into The Monkye, towards their CLF bases in the Wirraway Marshes, and that's only a staging point for weapons being smuggled in by the RLF of Tycholand. And aside from that they're also stealing weapons from across the border in Felasia, and there is evidence to suggest that there are training camps in Wartom, we all know that place is too anarchic to stop any of that", Tom elaborated.

"And your evidence is on that slip of paper their Tom?"

"Precisely sir."

Tom's boss, Donald Baracheney, then read through the report on the situation.

He sighed. The situation could get a whole lot worse on the back of this information. What was merely a regional incident threatened to explode into a full-blown international crisis if they weren't careful. The EIA would now have to inform the governments and intelligence agencies of each of the involved countries of their findings (which were possibly similar), and then try to co-ordinate a crackdown on Clovis' supply web to weaken their power base. None of this would solve the government issue in Gutaliden, but that would only be worked on once the terrorist situation was solved.

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When Aodola Cambridge awoke, not in her bed, but on the floor of a dimly-lit cave, she screamed. It was her scream that made her notice the cloth gag in her mouth, the sound being muffled by it. She looked at her body to find she'd been tied with rope. Sensations were foreign to her at this moment, all that she could feel was the soreness of her body and fear. Who could have done this? Who could have broken into her home without setting off the alarm system, and kidnap her?

"Hello, Ambassador Cambridge, how nice to see you," said a man. He was in the shadows, so Aodola couldn't see his face, and she didn't recognize his voice. "You must have a lot of questions. Why has this been done to you? How was this done to you? What do I want?" The man stopped speaking, and walked into the light, showing his face and looking at her with a wide grin. Aodola recognized the face instantly, it was Robert Turner, the leader of Clovis.

"You are here because the last thing I need is the Monkeytian government after me, and that's your goal, isn't it? You and Chancellor Barrett want The Monkye to take military action, whether you say it or not. Clovis is far larger than you predicted, Cambridge," Turner stated with a tone of amusement. He walked over to her and pulled the cloth from her mouth before continuing, "Very soon, a video will be released to inform the world of your capture, and my demands. You star in it, and if my demands are not met within one week, we will be releasing another video without you. Don't worry, we'll keep you alive, just, we'll make it seem like you aren't."

"If they think you've killed me, you won't get what you want, Turner. More will hunt you, then. What do you want?" Aodola said with a fury. Her fear had dissipated, unable to stand against a surge of hatred and a will to survive.

"Isarin soldiers are in my land, the Monkeytians have frozen my bank accounts, and now I have had to resort to this, Aodola. Believe me, I have no desire to harm you, but Isaris and The Monkye must give me what is mine if I am to release you," he said in a manner that seemed very sweet.

"Pretty speech from a captor, but words whispered through prison bars lose their charm. They will find me, and if you haven't wormed your way out of here, they'll kill you!" she yelled at Turner, and spit at his feet.

Cut to Isaris News Network, one hour later...

The live news feed is suddenly replaced by a video of Robert Turner, and in the background, Ambassador Aodola Cambridge, bound and unconscious.

"I want to play a game with you, Chancellor Barrett. How many lives will you throw away to save Ambassador Cambridge? My organization is larger than you know, and you still don't know where I am. You have one week to remove your troops from Gutaliden, and convince your neighbor, The Monkye, to unfreeze my accounts, or Ambassador Cambridge will die. But that's not all, every day you do not meet these demands, there will be an attack against an anti-Clovis village in Gutaliden, or a major city in Isaris. How many lives will you throw away to find me, Chancellor Barrett? The choice is yours; let the game begin."

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Tycho City Presidential Palace – 24 september 2009

President Tycho stared with a look of exasperation at the head of the Tycholand Intelligence Agency (TIA).

“So the Equilism Intelligence Agency has it confirmed as well? The RLF is smuggling weapons from CLF territory via the border region between Felasia and Whamabama to Clovis?”

“I’m afraid so. Our operatives inside the RLF have indicated that this weapons smuggling has been going on for some time, but the RLF wasn’t aware of any plan to blow-up something in Isaris.”

“Hmmm, I thought that our military had already dealt-out a large blow – together with the Monkye – to the CLF and the RLF operations in that area.”

“Not a big enough blow, I’m afraid.”

“Indeed. If the RLF is involved as deeply as it is reported both by us and by the EIA, then I propose we offer assistance to Isaris in terms of intelligence. Whether it’s in the form of soldiers is up to you, of course.”

President Tycho nodded.

“I think it’s time to call Chancellor Barrett and see what can be arranged.”

President Tycho called Chancellor Barrett and explained the situation. The RLF was apparently involved in weapons smuggling and Tycholand wanted to supply some assistance with regards to intelligence. Depending on Isaris’s military capabilities, commando units could also be sent to the region to assist. Any further sendings of troops would have to be discussed in the Cabinet and possibly Parliament. President Tycho also question an ‘exit strategy’: if Isaris were to invade Gutaliden, what would be the final objective? How would the country be left after Clovis was defeated?

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After President Tycho's phone call, Chancellor Barrett made an official statement before Isaris's Parliament on live television. She answered many things for President Tycho, and the rest of Equilism.

On the Gutaliden Government Crisis:

"As of now, the official plan for Gutaliden's governmental issue is this: If the people of Gutaliden have sufficient resources after Clovis has been defeated, Isaris will fully support the people in the creation of a democratic and free government to succeed the Imperial Federation. If the people of Gutaliden do not have sufficient resources, Isaris will annex the former nation and will rebuild all of Gutaliden, fully allowing the people of the former Imperial Federation to participate in Isaris's political, civil, cultural, and educational affairs, and be granted all of the rights of citizens of the Confederacy of Isaris."

On Intelligence Co-Operation:

"It is urgent that Tycholand, The Monkye, and all of Isaris's neighbors work together to find Robert Turner, and rescue Ambassador Aodola Cambridge. It is vital that she be found, and Robert Turner captured."

On Reports of Clovis Arms Smuggling:

"I do not believe that Isaris has the resources to take on this intricate web alone. Isaris will look to her allies, for her focus is on freeing the people of Gutaliden from the militant Clovis organization. If Clovis is taken down, a piece of the puzzle is burned forever."

On Military Co-Operation:

"The governments of The Monkye and Tycholand aren't interested in war, I know this, and I would not pressure them into deploying soldiers. I would, however, encourage them to give aid to Isaris's soldiers in supplies, such as food, fresh water, and other resources which are vital to survival. I would also encourage that they assist Isaris in modernizing secured Gutaliden settlements, in order to improve the quality of life for the people living there."

September 24, 2009, 11:04 PM (UTC -8)

Following an intelligence report, detailing that there was a Clovis hideout in the outskirts of an anti-Clovis, small, coastal city of roughly 30,000, an order to heavily bomb this hideout, which was located in a mine, was approved. 2,900 Isarin soldiers (collected from the five cities secured last week) were deployed into the city, and another 100 stationed outside of the hideout to look for survivors after the fire had dissipated. The citizens of the city, Refugium, did not resist the Isarin liberators, and quickly helped them to areas which would be key targets if Clovis attacked.

Admiral Rajasta Avaj has ordered an aircraft carrier, fully fitted, along with two battleships, and other smaller support ships be sent to guard the city against both naval and aerial attacks. General Vanlandingham has ordered flak cannons be sent by helicopter to the city to further reinforce it from an attack by air, and the soldiers remaining in the other five secured cities, especially Onne, await further orders.

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Official Request from Tycholand High Command

To: Chancellor Barret

From: Tycholand Army General Montcarthy, Tycholand Army High Command

Subject: Military Assistance

Dear Chancellor Barrett,

In view of recent events, Tycholand would like to militarily participate in your conflict with Clovis. This is not only due to our countries being allies, but also because the Riverton Liberation Front (RLF), an independence movement (which, ten years ago, also turned into a mafia-organization) is actively helping Clovis.

The proposed activites include:

1. Dispatch of Tycholand special forces to northern Isaris to patrol the northern border of Gutaliden.

2. Station of highly-trained commando units with supporting equipment close to the border between Gutaliden and Isaris. These commando’s can be used to help Tycholand operations.

3. The arrival of several navy vessels in Isaris’s southern ports to help with sea-operations. This will include at least one aircraft carrier.

4. The posting of several military attaches at the Tycholand Embassy in Arnon. Their task is to help modernize the Isaris Military Forces. Also, several intelligence liaisons will be posted in the Embassy to ensure smooth intelligence cooperation.

5. The Tycholand Armed Forces kindly request the use of the Isaris military bases from which to stage operations and to refuel. We will repay any costs.

6. The Isaris Military may make requestions for the assistance of any Tycholand armed forces available. Requests will be approved or denied by the Tycholand Army High Command.

Please keep the involvement of Tycholand intelligence and armed forces confidential.

Tycholand Army General Montcarthy, Tycholand Army High Command

Somewhere near Gutaliden’s capita, 18:25 PM

The black car with the shaded windows pulled-up next to a fairly large, white building near Gutaliden’s capital. Two men got out: Samuel Turnpike, assistance of RLF-chief Monty Sanchez, and Monty Sanchez himself.

The tall, blond-haired Turnpike was wearing dark sunglasses and a smart suite. The shorter, black-bearded and black-haired Sanchez also wore a suit.

“Well Sam, this is it then. Let’s hope the negotiations go well.”

“Indeed, sir. I hope that we can do some good business with Clovis today.”

“Indeed. Hopefully this will put our RLF in a position to bring the battle back home to the Riverton area.”

The two gentlemen were frisked at the entrance to the large, white building and were let in.

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The Government of The Monkye has begun an inquiry into how Clovis managed to steal the special ambassador from Isaris, and have offered their support to Isaris in helping track and rescue her. There has even been a suggestion of a joint rescue team, designed to help promote closer relations between the two neighbors.

A special meeting between the governments of Felasia, Whamabama, The Monkye, Isaris, Wartom, and other neighbor nations on the continent has been called for by the government of The Monkye, so a consensus on an action to take can be reached, and co-operative action can be taken.

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September 25, 2009 5:35 PM (UTC -8)

Official Response from Chancellor Oenone Barrett

Dear General Montcarthy,

After reading your message, I sought council with the high commands of my military: General Adam Vanlandingham of the Army, Admiral Rajasta Avaj of the Navy, General Pauline Shasta of the Air Force, General Tendril Milos of the Marine Corps, and Director Tina Lang of the Intelligence Agency. They all advised that Isaris should take this offer, and so she shall.

Onne and Refugium are key bases in the fight against Clovis, and rescuing Ambassador Aodola Cambridge. Our intelligence shows that she is being held captive in northeastern Gutaliden, near the borders with Whamabama and Hitchcalm, and request immediate assistance in discovering her location and the arrest of Robert Turner, the leader of Clovis. He has kept his word, and two Gutalide villages in northeastern part of the region have been destroyed since his statement on the 23rd.

Edited by Isaris

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With the exception of two Gutalide villages, the lack of violence by Clovis since Turner's declaration made Chancellor Barrett uneasy. Had something happened to Turner? To Cambridge? She was deep in thought, her chin resting on the back of her hand, when the door to her office flew open.

"Aodola has been found! Alive!" Director Lang exclaimed with shining eyes.

"What about Turner?" Chancellor Barrett asked.

"Aodola was found alone," Lang said with disappointment, "We still don't know where Turner is, but we do have intelligence that Clovis and the Riverton Liberation Front from Tycholand had a meeting after Aodola's abduction."

"Where is Aodola now?"

"She is being airlifted by helicopter to Arnon's best hospital, and should arrive within four hours. Her condition doesn't seem serious, but we need to know more, Chancellor," Lang explained.

"The IIA must be at its best, Director Lang. Something big is being planned, and your people are vital to our defense."

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September 25th, 17:45 PM, Tycho City Military Base

General Montcarthy stood on the tarmac of the air force section of the capital’s military base, staring at the frantic activity in front of him. He was surrounded by various aides.

In front of him, several large air force cargo planes were being filled with helicopters, spare parts and military personnel.

General Montcarthy turned to one of his aides.

“What’s the status report of the closest ships to Isaris?”

“The aircraft carrier TLS Tycho City should be at Isaris’s most western port tomorrow evening, sir. The other ships should be there on the evening of the 27th.”

“Excellent. Can you also get an Isaris intelligence and military update on Clovis movements and sent it to High Command?”

“Yes, sir.” The aide took out a mobile phone, tapped some keys and spoke to someone on the other side of the line, who passed the request on to Isaris High Command and the Isaris Intelligence Agency.

September 25th, 20:15 PM – somewhere near Gutaliden’s capital

Sanches smiled as he stepped into the sleek, black car. Turnpike stepped in on the other side.

“Well, Sam, it looks like we’ve accomplished what we’re here for.”

“Well, sir, we still have to live up to our end of the bargain…”

Sanchez chuckled. “Don’t be so serious Sam! We should have the weapons shipment over the border from The Monkye in no time. And then… we’ll take the battle back to Tycholand!”

Sam gave a smile. “Indeed, sir.”

The car sped of down the access road and onto a highway, right to Gutaliden’s capital. The pair were dropped-off at the Gutaliden’s Grand Hotel, a 5-star establishment in the heart of the capital.

The two entered the suite and Sam immediately accessed his laptop. He glanced up at his boss.

“The team is ready on The Monkye side of the border, sir.”

“Excellent. Contact our men at the border and make sure they’re ready. When they are, give the go-ahead.”

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IIA Response to Tycholand

Our spies have learned that there was a recent conference held between Clovis and the Riverton Liberation Front somewhere in Gutaliden, most likely the fallen Imperial Federation's capital. The key settlements of Onne and Refugium remain secure from Clovis attack. Future targets are being formulated as I write.

The river that cuts Refugium in half, which empties into the sea, snakes through Gutaliden to its mountainous center, the location of the old capital city. We know that Clovis has its supreme base there, and occupying it would deal them a terrible blow. Isaris may request assistance in this campaign.

Ambassador Cambridge has been rescued and is recovering well. She has informed us that Robert Turner may have moved to an area bordering The Monkye. We will be dispatching elite teams at suspected locations within days.

Tina Lang

Director of the Isaris Intelligence Agency

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September 25th, 22:35 PM – Tycholand Intelligence Agency Headquarters, Tycho City

General Montcarthy entered the office of Director Susanna Brown’s office in the building of the Tycholand Intelligence Agency, just outside Tycho City. He noticed the President was there as well, as well as various aides and department heads.

“General, thank you for coming at such short notice. Unfortunately the Ministers of FA and Defense couldn’t come at short notice. But President Tycho will inform them shortly.”

Tycho give a thin smile. “Well Susanna, please don’t keep us in suspense any longer. You always have a good reason for calling us here.”

“Indeed.” Susanne gave a thin smile and flicked on a monitor. The monitor showed a map of northern Gutaliden.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is northern Gutaliden. And to drop the bomb, this line marks the route of a very important RLF weapons transport to Clovis.”

The room, earlier full of easy conversation, was now filled with a tense atmosphere.

“The spy?” an aide asked.

“Indeed, the spy. Now, from various points in The Monkye, CLF and RLF operatives will be driving trucks to this one border point. There, that specific border point will be ‘eliminated’ and then a huge array of weaponry will be in Clovis hands. What complicates matters, is that Clovis has positioned a large force close to the border with The Monkye. Most of it is well-covered, but satellite imagery has shown us that there is a substantial amount of personnel and weaponry there. Clovis may have rather old weaponry – like the MiG fighter jets for example – but nevertheless quite something.”

President Tycho sighed. “What’s the planned time of this transport?”

“That will be at 03:00 AM local time, in the night of 26th to 27th September,” Susanna said calmly. “these transports, along with any other breaches in the border, will prevent a serious security threat to not only the region, but eventually could also pose a threat to Tycholand. If the RLF gainst the support they want from Clovis, we’ll be back to primarily fighting them on our home turf. In other words, this is not only about Isaris and The Monkye, but also about our national security. If Clovis were to grow, acquire weapons and technology, then there is a possibility they may overwhelm Isaris and The Monkye.”

Tycho nodded gravely. “A coordinated strike?”

Susanna nodded. “I’ll coordinate with the Army High Command in getting something together.”

Tycho nodded. “Thanks Susanna.”

Intelligence and Military Dispatch – URGENT, PRIORITY 1

From: General Montcarthy, Tycholand Army High Command; Susanna Brown, Director of the Tycholand Intelligence Agency

To: Chancellor of Isaris, Director of the Isaris Intelligence Agency, Prime Minister of The Monkye, Director of The Monkye Intelligence Agency

Time sent: Sep 25 23:05 PM local Tycholand time, Sep 26 05:05AM Isaris/Monkye time

To all concerned,

First of all, this is a high-security document that must be kept a national secret.

Tycholand Intelligence has learned via a well-placed source within the RLF that a major weapons convoy is scheduled to cross The Monkye – Isaris border in the night of 26 – 27 September at 03:00AM. The various trucks will converge at the South Banana County Highway border crossing. Once there, RLF, CLF and Clovis operatives will ‘eliminate’ the border office along with any officials present and cross into Gutaliden. On the other side of the border, Tycholand satellite imagery shows a substantial, yet well-concealed military force. While Clovis’s military forces aren’t modern, they appear to be substantial in this case.

Due to the involvement of the RLF and the CLF in this case, this is a matter of national security for at least three countries. Therefore, swift action must be undertaken to prevent Clovis from obtaining the arms supplied through this arms convoy.

The Tycholand Army High Command and the Tycholand Intelligence Agency urge a join strike by Tycholand, Isaris and The Monkye. We’ve made a battle plan that can be found in a secure attachment. Your approval is appreciated.

Tycholand forces will be participating in any attack. Tycholand forces will arrive at Onne in several hours and naval vessels are scheduled to arrive your evening at the earliest in Isaris.

With kind regards,

General Montcarthy

Director Brown

Attachment: Attack Plan


A combined large force of isaris and Tycholand Air Force planes will have the primary task of eliminating Clovis’s gathered forces in the woods to the south of the border. As the enemy is equipped with MiG fighter jets, sending helicopters is not an option.

The Monkye will meanwhile break-down it’s border control office and, at midnight on the night of the 26th -27th, place large boulders on the road. Ground troops will occupy the terrain on both sides of the roads, the terrain here consists mostly of boulders. The ground troops are to keep a distance of maximum a kilometer from the road. They will call for the surrender of all people. If they don’t oblige, Tycholand Air Force helicopters and The Monkye Air Force jets and helicopters will take aim and fire. After the enemy has been neutralized, they can help with the attack on Clovis.

September 26th, 06:00 AM – Onne Military Base

Commander Vimes looked on with a face of satisfaction as another Tycholand Air Force cargo jet touched down smoothly on the runway.

The first Tycholand forces had arrived one and a half hours ago. Several vacant buildings and the surrounding area had been claimed. One building was being turned into a command centre, canteen block and office space. Tents were being set-up for the soldiers.

He looked at two large cargo planes, where sleek, black helicopters were carefully being offloaded. A little further along, he noticed some Isarian troops starting with some awe at the helicopters.

Vimes also noticed that the installation of the Patriot anti-aircraft missile installations were going well, as well as the mobile radar unit. In short, nothing was being left to chance

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Response from Chancellor Barrett

I will approve this mission, and suggest its successor. The IIA has learned that, though the former capital of Gutaliden is heavily secured by Clovis, outlying areas are relatively weak. If those areas are secured by a joint force, the capital will be blockaded, leaving Clovis's primary force without weapons shipments and reinforcements. If Robert Turner is near the Monkye border, as Ambassador Cambridge suspects from her experience with him, then I sincerely hope that he will be involved in the operation our current mission will be stopping. His death or capture would inflict a serious blow to Clovis, and they would need a great deal of time to reorganize, giving us the opportunity to liberate Gutaliden from their control.

September 26, 2009 - Onne

Commander Annie approached Commander Vimes soon after the helicopters were unloaded. She shook his hand, but her face was full of concern. "Commander Vimes, on behalf of everyone, I thank Tycholand for providing additional anti-aircraft weaponry to Onne. I must also inform you that ten F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft, stationed within Isaris, but also near the target area, will be available for the mission, but will not be arriving in Onne. These long-range aircraft will be extremely valuable, not only for destroying Clovis's MiGs, but also for attacking enemy ground forces, and deploying flare decoys in case of heat-seeking missiles," she said.

A young man walked over to them, and saluted both commanding officers. "Yes, First Lieutenant Tendril?" Annie inquired.

"I apologize for my interruption, ma'am, but the townsfolk are concerned for their safety, and wish to be evacuated to caves north of here, which they assure are safe," he explained.

"Very well, inform Captain Westfall to gather 100 soldiers, and escort the civilians to the caves, and to remain there until the mission is completed," Annie ordered, and Tendril quickly obeyed.

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October 10, 2009

An explosion in the middle of an office building in Isaris's largest city, Sais, has resulted in hundreds of deaths. The IIA has traced the attack to the Riverton Liberation Front, and has issued a request for a stronger focus on fighting the RLF, in addition to Clovis.

This attack is considered a response to the coordinated strike against a RLF-Clovis weapons transport at the end of September. The strike was a victory for the allied nations, but Robert Turner was not captured nor confirmed dead in the aftermath.

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News reports in The Monkye indicate that a covert EIA operation has taken place, with Monkyetian government acquiescence and support, in the western marshes and mountain regions to take out CLF supply bases, where the smuggle of weapons had been occuring. Those arrested at the scene are being held under Monkyetian jurisdiction awaiting charges. It is with this news that The Monkye responds to Isaris that it is doing all in its power to deal with the RLF in order to make both The Monkye and Isaris safer.

In other news, the government of The Monkye has released a statement warning against excessive use of force by Isaris against Clovis, especially if it results in casualties for innocent civilians. In addition, the government has condemned the attacks on Isarian cities by Clovis as meaningless violence, and has stepped up security both on its borders and in its cities police forces to protect The Monkye's civilians from such attacks.

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October 11, 2009

In response to The Monkye, Chancellor Barrett has firmly stated that Isaris has not, and will not, use force in the war against Clovis that is so excessive in itself that it would cause severe civilian casualties.

October 12, 2009

Breaking news on Isaris News Network!

Colonel Tazia May in Refugium is issuing an emergency announcement: Refugium is under attack by combined Clovis and Riverton Liberation Front forces; by land, by sea, and by air! She is requesting immediate assistance from all allies of Isaris! You can listen to it now: "Colonel Tazia May reporting! Refugium is under attack! I repeat! Refugium is under attack! Requesting emergency assistance from all allied forces! ASAP! Anti-aircraft units heavily needed!"

The sky above Refugium was dark in the night, and all that could be seen was the shape of airplanes and bombs, and the sound of flak cannons firing up in the air echoed through Colonel May's mind relentlessly. Children wailing, women crying, men groaning in agony or out of breath from fighting were other sounds heard as the footsteps of enemy soldiers marching into the city crept across her mind. Nothing she may have learned in her training and victorious war games could have prepared her for this moment. This was true, total war, something Isarins had not seen since the Revolution. Though Isaris has kept up pace in the technology race, it has also kept obsolete weaponry that were considered necessary skills, such as the sword, and horseback riding.

There is little she can do to end this battle alone, all she can do is pray that aid will come in time.

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The battle for Refugium ended two days later with a slim victory for Isaris. The war was quiet until yesterday, when a would-be assassin fired at Chancellor Barrett. The shot missed; the offender was captured, and a confirmed member of the RLF.

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Rumors flew wildly from ear to ear as the report that the Isaris House of Commons had passed the controversial Emergency Powers Act was played on televisions across the nation. The legislation has given Chancellor Oenone Barrett immediate emergency powers to fight the terrorist threat to the Confederacy. The Chancellor's first act was to reveal that she is a descendant of the Nova dynasty, the founders and rulers of the Kingdom of Arnon until the establishment of the Confederacy in 1800, and to declare herself the Queen of the Democratic Kingdom of Isaris.

The new Isaris will see an increase in militarization, technology, and industry. The provinces of the Confederacy of Isaris will not be renamed in the conversion process. Isaris will still hold elections, for all offices excluding the office of the Monarch, which is to be held until death or retirement, and if a successor is named before the former dies or retires, he or she shall be declared the new Monarch. If not, the successor shall be determined by the Royal Council, the Consuls of which are determined by the Monarch, and are to be held until the Consul dies, retires, or has been dismissed by the Monarch.

The process of legislation shall not be affected by this transition, including the Emergency Powers Act. (Think of the United States executive/legislative/judicial branches.)

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Deep underground in the Emperors throne room

"Prepare to fire our lasers! Baaaahhh!"

"Sir, we don't have any lasers."

"What? No lasers! That can't possibly be correct! No matter, begin operation Z!"

"But sir, we haven't made an effective zombie virus yet."

"Then we shall bide our time and wait for the opportune moment before crushing the world beneath our boots."

"You're wearing sneakers, sir."

"Whatever. I'm only 3,000 kills from level 10 prestige."


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OCC: lol, someone please close this thread. No zombie thread for me, thanks.

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Thats just AoMK doing his silly gravedigging thing. I'll get the Admin to help you out there.

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