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Rules, and purpose of this forum.

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This forum is for drafting and campaigning of Security Council (SC) resolutions, including Commendations, Condemnations, and Liberations.

First off, there are some general rules of the Security Council that we would like everybody to go by. (These are our guidelines, and not guidelines set forth by the Security Council itself.)

1. If you wish to propose a SC resolution, post it here first. Just start a new thread. Please do not propose any Security Council resolution before posting it for discussion here. Unlike General Assembly (GA) resolutions, these can affect regional politics, and the entire region may be held responsible for what you submit.

2. If you wish to discuss an SC resolution or proposal that has already been submitted by someone else, please post the full text of the resolution/proposal.

3. Always remain civil when discussing resolutions on the NS forums. Treat everyone respectfully, even when they do not respect you. Do not call names, do not make threats, and do not under any circumstances use the SC to retaliate at someone who has made you mad.

What we can do with this:

1. Write up resolutions to Commend or Condemn nations or regions.

2. Write up Liberation resolutions to remove a delegate-imposed password on a region. (Founder-imposed passwords cannot be removed.)

3. When a resolution is in the proposal stage, we can keep track of delegates whom we have contacted either to get it into the Queue, or to get it out of the Queue.

4. When a resolution is at vote, we can keep track of which way delegates and/or individual nations vote, and which ones we have contacted either in support of or in opposition to the resolution.

This is a general outline, and far from finished. This will be updated from time to time. Probably frequently in the next couple of days.

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