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Todd McCloud

The East Pacific Newspaper, 4th Edition

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The East Pacific Newspaper

Volume One, Issue Four

by Todd McCloud

Hey, group!

From the Desk of The Delegate, Chairman Todd


Cascading like a stone across a glacier with bits of molasses speckled in between

Come, young grasshopper, and I will tell you the story of one of the greatest regions in the present time of NationStates. View, if you will, the tree. If it falls in the forest and no one is around, does it not whisper ‘Check out The East Pacific and make yourself known in the NS world’? Of course it does. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Simply put, the computer processing a reply to a post on The East Pacific forums, assuming one has a hard drive that is silent like the hunting hamster. Todd say man who walks sideways in an escalator is not going to Bangkok, but is going to TEP, because he only need TEP and it’s always on first floor.

Nah. Going a little too far. Backing up, moving to a different restore point. In all seriousness, our region has expanded from about 2,100 nations in mid-September to 2,800. We’ve grown to become the most populated feeder in the game, as well as arguably the most active and most exciting. Our debate contest has ended - the winner being Finavarra of the region Liberty Alliance placed first, with Naivetry of Equilism placing second and The Monkye also of Equilism placing third! Many congrats to those who participated and to those who have placed! And, to keep in tune with being the most democratic feeder in NationStates, our Magisterium has a new look, as we’ve survived another election and things look to be active once again in our hallowed halls. Our Halloween– organized by Der Fuhrer Dyszel - went well too. We featured a pumpkin carving contest, scary stories and http://z1.invisionfree.com/forums/The_East...?showtopic=7236 ]a very interesting thread about oddities, which is still ongoing! And let’s not forget our roleplay, one of the most active roleplaying areas in the game, so of course we’re going to have some exciting moments there. Aha, our forums also got a facelift?!

But there’s one thing TEP excels in where others may fall. That’s not a strike on other regions, of course, but we are remarkably neutral in regards to our different nations and backgrounds. Here, raiders, defenders, and neutral parties alike get along well and work toward a common goal – for the betterment of the region. Old players will freely interact with newer players without giving it a second thought. Our various real-life backgrounds are mere footnotes to our interactions as well – here there is no removal of rights, free speech, or democracy as a whole. But we enjoy the balance as well. After all, as the Chinese say, if the furies are in balance, the standing is good. Or something like that.

And that’s it for now!

- Todd McCloud

Magisterium Elections!

It’s that time again – the selection of a Magisterium! Well, actually that time has *just* passed, but in case you missed the week long moment of sheer bliss, here is the spread as far as voting went:

10-2 Dalimbar

14-0 Dyr Nasad

8-3 H. Savaer

12-1 Infinite Loop

3-8 Jaybooker

6-7 Kurdazistan

6-8 Lazlow

10-1 Lyncaenia

2-9 Mayor McToilet

14-0 The Vacationer

12-1 Warr

And now for a lesson in TEP elections. We have no limit as to the number of people in the Magisterium; they only need to be elected by a majority of those who voted for him and her. By that definition, seven Magisters make up the new body. Much thanks goes out to those who participated, voted, and were elected to TEP’s forth Magisterium Session. May they stay active enough to fight the challenges ahead of them, from workings of the endorsement cap to hammering out our foreign policy. It should be a good show, so get your 3-D glasses and be certain to by an extra bucket of popcorn – there’s no intermission for this one!

A Minute in Roleplay

As we continue to grow, we begin to experience new and exciting challenges across TEP. But, one of the catalysts to a smooth transition of newer roleplayers learning the ropes, Der Fuhrer Dyszel has set up shop as a teacher of roleplaying and offering crash courses on the various workings of the sport. And yeah, I’ll be brave enough to call it a sport, well, a mental sport. One has to have a great imagination and excellent problem solving skills to be a good roleplayer, perhaps, and her courses are excellent exercises in such matters.

Oh no! It appears those Vekaiyuns are at it again by selling weapons of mass destruction to Listonia. But, as the conflict continues, more nations are getting involved – from Allegheny to Lazlowia to Kelssek to Shivat to Warre to Dannistaan… practically every nation is slowly being sucked into the quagmire created by the two vulpine-dominated states. But that’s not all – other instances exist in TEP, from elections in various nations to rebellions to diplomatic adventures – we’ve got them all it seems!

So what could we ask of you, nation which knows how to roleplay or might not know how to roleplay but wants to give it a shot? Like writing? Like to create and build, all the while solving problems and interacting with other players and nations? Want to get into something like that? Well, here’s my ticket to you: I cordially invite you to join TEP’s roleplay scene! Cost is free, and we offer amenities such as plots where you can place your nation on, diplomatic events your nation can get involved in, the ability to create your own national events, and top-rated assistance along the way! Just join the forums?, introduce yourself, request a plot on the map, and get involved! Remember, be bold and post often!


Because I have demanded it:


The movie was subsequently cancelled.


J.S. Bach-ba-gock


Want an Embassy in TEP?

The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 44 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.

Until we meet again

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Oh well you can still advertise your second placing in your sig if you want Nai.

*Thinks about announcing his third placing*

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