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Todd McCloud

The East Pacific Newspaper, 5th Edition

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The East Pacific Newspaper

Volume One, Issue Five

by Todd McCloud

Hey, group!

From the Desk of The Delegate, Chairman Todd


I’m like a polymer chain: flexible and able to flow, but only at certain temperatures

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the forums

Some creatures were stirring, but no one roleplays a mouse.

The WA votes were polled on with care

In hopes that some delegate would witness them there

The citizens were debating their fond NS memories

It’s two o’clock in the morning; no one is catching z’s

And spummers on the RMB, and I buried in polymer notes

Won’t settle anytime soon, not at all, I emote

When in one of the sub-forums there arose such a clatter

I sprang from chapter six on rheology to see what was the matter

Away to the laptop I flew like a flash

Gripped it with care while preventing a crash

The glow from the new post marker on the well-designed snow

Gave a pleasant sight, thank goodness Tweedy is good at drawing snow

When what should my wondering eyes should appear

But a new RP post, reflecting on Vekaiyu’s new fear

Deliberating over a response, thinking of a post

Will keep me up longer, yet ‘I rarely sleep’, I boast

Finally I think of a response that might work

Covering all points so I don’t sound like a jerk

The reply, how it twinkles! The reply, how un-merry!

The words, how they flow! My nation’s dictator, how scary

My thin mouth drawn up in a sleep-deprived grin

Hoping this time I wrote up a win

I can hardly wait for a response or a read

I know this is depressing, but bare with me, I plead

I go to check the ‘who’s online’ and I silently dread:

No one’s awake – they all went to bed

With no one around and no soul in sight

I set to work on a Christmas poem under monitor light

And I think to myself as I finish it this time

I’ll get a million telegrams telling me the first lines don’t rhyme

There you have it. A special The East Pacific Christmas poem brought to you by the benevolently malicious Chairman / Delelgate of the region. I suppose next you’re going to want to ask me about the state of the region. No? Well, here goes nothing anyway. We’re still one of the most active regions in the game, still working on things as usual, still the most democratic feeder region in the game… still, there’s a few changes.

First of all, we have a totally new idea: we call it NS Memories. Sounds simple, and it is: we’re looking for posts from anyone about anything related to NS history, be it an important moment or just a footnote in the game. It can be a snippet from a telegram, an RMB post, a summary, an IRC conversation, flags, former nations, roleplay moments, maps, random occurrences, things that almost happened, defunct intel (or non-defunct – I still love a good plot, of course). Maybe, just maybe, we’ll open up an NS museum… so it’d be good to see some good exhibits there, right? We’re also promoting Loop’s NS Flag Service in this holiday edition. Need a flag? Well, be sure to stop by and post up some specs. And remember, if it ain’t Loop’s, it ain’t nothing. Or something like that.

Wait. Rewiring. The circuits are in their wrong places. I predict an overload in seven days, in the form of a statuous man dressed in Crimson (but not in any particular Order) delivering gifts, not ‘presents’, in an amorphous array. Just. Like. The. Glassy state. Of. Atactic polymethyl methacrylate. Too many connections blending together, the ki parameter is too small, the memories have been compromised too far and are revolting. Or starting to revolt. It is unclear at this time – the reports are varied, and who can trust a report anyway. Increase the molecular weight. Almost. Almost. There. The backdrifts into another sub-reality have been quelled for yet another edition, pipes are now unclogged, no need to set off any alarms, the world has been righted. We will now celebrate by further announcing we’ve updated our WA voting policy. Nothing big, I’ve just decided to vote on resolutions immediately (except for the one that’s up at vote after the Postal one) to give the voting more meaning early on, and to encourage people to debate it further. Of course, before the voting is up I change my vote, if necessary, to fit the region’s view. Doing this will also make TEP’s vote standout more, which is something we could use, as usually we’re the last to vote. So that’ll be a good change. Talks of a TEP Hall of Fame are also underway, brought to you by our Magisterium.

Think that’s pretty swell, don’t you man (or woman)?

And that’s it for now!

- Todd McCloud

A Minute in Roleplay

Overall, our roleplays have evolved. We now have ‘alternate universes’. Check them out, they may just apply to you. We have the TEP Zombie Apocalypse Roleplay AU, which has been very promising so far. If you like zombies, you’ll lurrrve this type of roleplay. We’ve also created a Colonial TEP Alternate universe centered around the 18th and 19th centuries. If you’re into the Victorian age, Napoleonic Empires, and perhaps even a little Steampunk, this might be a perfect fit for you! Also, we’ve made a Medieval TEP Alternate Universe to fit the needs of those who like, well, the middle ages, of course.

So what could we ask of you, nation which knows how to roleplay or might not know how to roleplay but wants to give it a shot? Like writing? Like to create and build, all the while solving problems and interacting with other players and nations? Want to get into something like that? Well, here’s my ticket to you: I cordially invite you to join TEP’s roleplay scene! Cost is free, and we offer amenities such as plots where you can place your nation on, diplomatic events your nation can get involved in, the ability to create your own national events, and top-rated assistance along the way! Just join the forums?, introduce yourself, request a plot on the map, and get involved! Remember, be bold and post often!


Because I have asked it:


Batman is very sensitive this time of the year.


World War II if it were a chatroom.

Want an Embassy in TEP?

The East Pacific is looking to get more connected on an NS-worldly spectrum. We currently have 44 active embassies, and would be honored if your region would consider setting up an embassy on our forum. Here's how it works:

Go to the forum here, and post a message with the topic title being your region's name. In that topic, please include your region's name, a link to your forums, approximate number of nations in your region (optional), and a potential ambassador (this may be changed - we understand selecting ambassadors may take time).

We will then review your request shortly. Once the request has been reviewed and passed, a sub-forum will be created for your region's representation and news. The address will be posted as a reply in this thread, and your ambassador may begin posting immediately!

Also, here is the link to TEP's main forum index page.

Until we meet again

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Lovely poem - the first lines don't rhyme, though. :bleh:

Also, the voting policy change is an important one in light of the dynamics of the WA. I'd be interested in knowing how you think it's working out.

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